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Bracelet from marble beads "Abundance" code 210007

Bracelet from marble beads "Abundance" code 210007
Bracelet from marble beads "Abundance" code 210007

Bracelet from marble beads "Abundance"

 code 210007

Number of marble beads (1 cm) - 15
Number of beads of hematite (3 mm) - 15
Bracelet circumference - 23 cm (on the wrist 16-20 cm)

This bracelet is recommended for people who are unhappy in their personal life, it will help to attract your true love. To enhance the work of the bracelet, a special mantra is attached to it, which is recommended to be read in the evening. Also, the bracelet will ward off irritation and negative influence of other people.

Marble is one of the most neutral and favorable stones. It has many medicinal properties. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the digestive system. It is a natural bacteria neutralizer.

Magical properties: The mineral is dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Marble makes a person loyal to his life partner, makes a family strong and helps in the birth of healthy offspring. Protects from the influence of evil spirits. All signs of the zodiac can wear marble products. The stone easily adjusts to the owner's biofield and immediately begins to help him.

Healing properties: improves the functioning of the nervous system, intestines and endocrine system. Marble bracelets are good for people who suffer from excessive sweating.

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