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Bracelet made of natural stones "Shiva's eye" code 210011

Bracelet made of natural stones "Shiva's eye" code 210011

Bracelet made of natural stones "Shiva's eye" code 210011

Bracelet - dark lapis lazuli, hematite and black agate.


Number of lapis lazuli beads - 7

Number of beads of hematite - 10

Number of agate beads - 2 (round), size - 1.5 cm (approximately)

The number of beads of black agate -1, size - 2.2 * 3 cm

The size of lapis lazuli beads is 1 cm (approximate)

Circumference - 23 cm (for a wrist size 17-20 cm)

Lapis lazuli is one of the most energetically strong stones, it is great. It is necessary to wear lapis lazuli bracelets for those people who want to bring their projects to life. Lapis lazuli is a symbol of power. It is recommended to be worn by people who are engaged in business, have leadership positions and everyone who wants to show in themselves all the strong qualities of the "master of their own destiny".


The exact effect on the chakras has not been established; yogis have long used this stone to cleanse the aura from negative influences. The projective energy - Yang.

Magical properties: The stone helps to fight anxious thoughts, helps to clear the memory of unnecessary memories, offenses and experiences of the past. Yoga practice recommends applying a stone to the "Third Eye" area, focusing on this and meditating for five minutes. Also, lapis lazuli is a stone of friendliness and sincerity. In Europe, it is considered a stone that brings good luck, success and prosperity.


Healing properties: Ayurveda says that lapis lazuli strengthens the physical body, mind and consciousness. Modern lithotherapists believe that this stone eliminates migraines, nervous diseases, asthma and sciatica. Lapis lazuli is used in eye pads, and it also promotes good sleep.

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