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The Yantra Flower of Life a sticker code 420001

The Yantra Flower of Life a sticker code 420001
The Yantra Flower of Life a sticker code 420001

The Yantra Flower of Life

code 420001

a sticker

Size - diam. 9 cm

    The Yantra Flower of Life, made by us in the form of a sticker, 9 centimeters in diameter, on a transparent base (on a white base), the Flower pattern shows how everything is interconnected and harmonious in nature.

    The Flower of Life, people are found throughout mystical areas as amulets that can promote emotional and physical healing.

    You can stick this yantra on a window, on a mirror, on a wall, on a glass in a car, on a computer cover. It is necessary to glue yantra indoors as follows:

1.the optimum height is at eye level;

2. It is forbidden to pierce the yantra with buttons or nails, only stick it on. If you place the sticker in a frame, then the color of the frame should match the color of the yantra;

3. Yantra may not be visible, it acts even when hidden from view, for example, glued in a closet, behind a closet, behind a mirror or behind a painting;

4. you need to activate the yantra, start, for this you need to chant mantras that correspond to the given yantra of your choice, that is, use the mantra that you like.

    The Flower of Life can be compared with a musical instrument, with the help of which the body is tuned to sound similar to everything that exists.

    The action of the yantras is amazing. Yantras help in solving any problem: they help in achieving success in business, promote career advancement, solve personal problems, in gaining success, profit and prosperity, they also heal various diseases, shape happiness in the present and in the future.

    Yantras really work. The art of making yantras is based on ancient knowledge that encompasses not only the creation of amulets and talismans, but also many other areas.

    Vedic talismans constantly generate positive energy around them. People of any religious affiliation and even atheists can use yantra. These talismans attract good energy to their owner, for this you do not need to change your faith. Still, people can worship the same yantra, but the action and the result will be different, it depends on the degree of awareness of each person.

    This yantra is available to all people, for their usual mundane purposes: improving the quality of life, finding abundance, prosperity, love, harmony and peace, as well as increasing the ability to receive information, healing diseases, success in business, in personal life, in family affairs and of course it protects against negative forces.

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